Star Trek Discovery Season 2 (Netflix) Review

star trek discovery

There aren't too many media franchises in the world that have stood the test of time. Certainly not like Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, which is not only one of the most culturally-influential media franchises but also touted as the greatest Sci-Fi television series to date.  Star Trek originally premiered in 1966 only to be pulled off-air after just 3 seasons. It came back with a bang when ownership changed hands and Paramount pictures started reruns across over 200 domestic and international markets to recover some of the losses. Star Trek garnered a cult following and became a pop-culture icon.  ... 

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) Season 1 Review

Ellen Page Umbrella Academy

Based on a series of comics by Gerad Way and Gabriel Ba, Umbrella Academy looks like a disbanded version of The X-Men. I have not read the comics so I would not be able to say how much of them have been brought to life by Netflix. ... 

Shazam! Movie Review


The after effects of most of the DCEU films have been so chronic that I have always entered the theatre with apprehension and a genuine worry for my sanity. But even after having the lowest possible expectations, films like Justice League provided a new low. So when I saw the trailer of Shazam!, I was naturally skeptical. But as it turns out, Shazam! offers a lot of good things, and above all, it is hugely entertaining. ... 

Joker Teaser Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Warner Bros. released the teaser trailer of Joker starring the magnificent Joaquin Phoenix alongside the legendary Robert De Niro. The film is the first of its kind origin story as it is focused on an iconic comic book villain rather than a hero. The trailer looks freaky and early signs are that Joaquin Phoenix is a fantastic choice for this role. Phoenix plays a failed comedian who is ridiculed by society, eventually going insane and turning to a life of crime. The film is set to be inspired by executive producer Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and King of Comedy. Directed by Todd Phillips who was an interesting choice for the film since this will be his first action/drama having largely directed out n out comedies like The Hangover Series, Raod Trip, Starsky and Hutch etc. The film releases on 4th October in India. ... 

De De Pyaar De Official Trailer

Ajay Devgn Tabu Rakulpreet

The official trailer of Ajay Devgn starrer De De Pyaar De was released today and It looks surprisingly better than what I expected. The film also features the magnificent Tabu and up and coming Rakul Preet Singh.  ... 

Delhi Crime (Netflix) Season 1 Review

Netflix Original Delhi Crime
“Tell me something, have you ever seen a local crime being covered by CNN?”
Kumar Vijay - Commissioner of Police

This sums up the gravity of the events at play in Delhi Crime - a new show by Netflix. The show is based on the events of 16th Dec 2012 in Delhi i.e. the gang rape of Nirbhaya in a moving bus by 6 men. Yes, Delhi is known as the Rape Capital and yes the unfortunate truth is that they are not a rare occurrence. This case, however, was different and the show reminds us of the horrifying truths that made it so.  ...