Best Hindi Films of 2018

filmyfool best hindi films of 2018

Another year comes to an end and for me, this has been the break-out year for small films. As I was compiling my list of best Hindi Films of 2018, I realised that there are no big films featuring in it. No Khans, no big budgets, no multi-starrers. Instead, what I have are 10 films which have great story-telling. Some use the intrinsic qualities of the actor to create memorable moments, others push the actors into alien territory, hence, creating magic.  So here are my best Hindi films of 2018 in no particular order. ... 

13 most memorable bike scenes in Hindi Cinema


Hindi cinema has always had a strong relationship with two-wheelers especially motorcycles, but scooters and even mopeds have featured in some memorable sequences over the years. Though I have used the word bikes in the title, the list contains scenes involving bikes, scooters and mopeds. Personally, I have always been a huge fan of motorcycles because, for me, riding one feels like nirvana. I get this weird sense of being in control of my life, turning whichever way I feel like. Bollywood too has used them as much more than mere props, at times to add machismo, other times as an integral part of the personification of character being depicted. ... 

Best Films of 2013

Another year has gone by but this one has not been so productive for this blog. I say this because this post comes after 5 months of silence. To be fair 2013 has been more than productive on the personal front with a shift in location back to the capital city. And oh yeah I also got married this year (almost forgot). Still 5 months is a really long time and enough is enough. So here I am putting down my thoughts on my ‘Best Films of the Year 2013’. ... 

The Best of Films in 2011

Another year comes to an end with people asking  the same irritating question,  “What are your New Year plans?”. I have modified my reply over the years from “what is the big deal with a New Year???” to “I will  be doing what I love to do, watching  films that I have missed”. There is nothing more enjoyable than a planned home screening of an unseen film, dimmed lights, curtains drawn with pop corn and cola for company. Blissful.

I keep a close  watch of films that I miss but for those who don’t here is a list of my favorite films from 2011.  Now this does not mean I expect you to watch them on New  Year’s Eve. All I wish is  for all of you to watch at least some of these films in original print and enjoy them the way they are meant to be.

Special Mentions-Bollywood: This year I will stick to the regular top 10 in my list. However, I would like to mention some other films that left a mark. Sahib Biwi aur Gangster with Dhulia again in his element, Shaitan for some good hard hitting, disturbing cinema, Mujhse Fraandship Karoge for the performance of Saqib Saleem and for giving a fresh feel to the college romance, Tanu Weds Manu (On a reader’s reminder, slipped my mind) for realistic sets, authentic art direction and bang on characterization (especially Pappi), Don 2 for some slick film-making surpassing even Hollywood, and Singham for being such a damn good entertainer.

10. The Dirty Picture

Dropping necklines, superlative dialogues, and great performances especially by Vidya Balan who showed everyone that fat can also be sexy. It is one of my two favorite performances of 2011. ... 

Best films of 2010, how many have you missed?

As 2010 comes to an end and people get ready to go crazy celebrating the New Year, I thought I should also bid farewell to a wonderful 2010, the way I know best. So here is the list of my 16 most favourite films of the year 2010, English and Hindi.

Bollywood 2010 – The year was not a spectacular one for bollywood but nevertheless, we still got some gems to balance out the duds like Raavan, Kites and the Tees Maar Khan.