Preacher Comic Series Review

preacher head

If you have a low bar for violence, you should not read Preacher. If you are easily disgusted by graphic details, please do not read Preacher. If profanity makes you uncomfortable, stay away from Preacher.  Last, and not the least, If you are religious, do not dare to read Preacher. If, by chance, the answer to all these is 'No', consider yourself extremely lucky because you will have the time of your life reading this brilliant comic series published by Vertigo. To me the audacity of Preacher is phenomenal. Amazingly, Vertigo was able to get this published, because today, it looks even less likely, with the ever-shrinking tolerance levels of people all around. ... 

Y: The Last Man Comic Series Review

last man

Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic book series written by Brian K Vaughan with penciller Pia Guerra. True to its name, the comic is about Yorick (yes, referencing Hamlet), a 22-year-old male who is the last living being on the planet. Along with him is the most unlikely of survivors, his pet monkey named Ampersand. Yorick is an amateur magician, (though he prefers the term ‘escape artist’) and is eagerly waiting for his girlfriend Beth to get back from a study trip in Australia so that he can propose. But he can’t keep his excitement contained and decides to propose on the phone. Right then, things go apocalyptic. A mysterious illness instantly kills all other beings with a Y chromosome on the planet (an event referred to as gender-cide in the comic). These were the first few pages of the comic and more than enough to tickle my curiosity. ...