Star Trek Discovery Season 2 (Netflix) Review

star trek discovery

There aren't too many media franchises in the world that have stood the test of time. Certainly not like Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, which is not only one of the most culturally-influential media franchises but also touted as the greatest Sci-Fi television series to date.  Star Trek originally premiered in 1966 only to be pulled off-air after just 3 seasons. It came back with a bang when ownership changed hands and Paramount pictures started reruns across over 200 domestic and international markets to recover some of the losses. Star Trek garnered a cult following and became a pop-culture icon.  ... 

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Ralph breaks the internet

6 years after "I'm gonna wreck it" became somewhat of a cult phrase, the big man is back with his adorable little friend. Ralph and Vanellope have been friends for six years and Ralph could not be happier. They work in their respective games all day long and when the arcade closes, they hang around through the night, jumping from one game to another.  ... 

DuckTales Season 1 Review


Back in 1990, there was no cable TV and hence no Cartoon Network. I did not have the luxury of 24-hours of Centurions or Swat Kats. All I had was Sunday. It was the day, more like the hour of cartoons on Doordarshan and like all other kids, I waited for it through the week. This was 1 hour of pure adventure. Death-defying, high-octane, action of Ducktales and Talespin. I loved watching it and would not miss it for anything. As Cartoon Network started, the sunset on Ducktales and Talespin. ... 

Incredibles 2 Movie Review

incredibles 2

14 years ago, when Incredibles (2004) was released it was in no way a unique story. Powers were all derivatives of the Marvel universe, some of which had been used many times in multiple films and TV shows. But the film still clicked because the treatment was unique and the animation was flawless. Set in a world where Superheroes are illegal, Incredibles (2004) gave us heroes who lived in hiding. Centred around a family of 5 (including the baby, Jack-Jack), who is moving ever-so-often because of Dad aka Mr Incredible who can't seem to keep his powers hidden for long. Incredibles 2 gives us back the same adorable family but this time there is an added bonus (will come to that in a bit). ... 

Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review – Fun ride but way too simplistic for Han Solo

Han Solo has been my favourite Star Wars character since I got hooked onto the universe created by George Lucas. When I read that there will be a solo Star Wars film made on him, I was delighted. More so because his character had been brutally killed off in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There was a lot that I wanted to know about Han’s character like his childhood, where he grew up, how he met Chewie, how did he come in possession of The Millennium Falcon. The film does answer some of these questions and it uses a fun, action packed delivery mechanism.

We see Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) dreaming of becoming a pilot of his own ship and leaving his old life with his girl Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke aka Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons aka Breaker of Chains….you know how it goes). He starts off on his quest to earn enough and buy himself a ship and on his quest he comes across some interesting characters including our beloved Chewbacca. The scene where Solo looks at Chewie as he takes the navigators chair for the first time in the Millennium Falcon is full of nostalgia. Oh how many great adventures have we seen in that cockpit and the ship itself. The Millennium Falcon is so iconic an object that it is very much a character and I am so tempted to address ‘it’ as ‘him’.

The action sequences are well shot and have an immersive feel to them. Fortunately or unfortunately, technology is moving so fast that these days a film really needs to make a lot of effort and spend a lot of money to put forth something that has never been seen before. Hence, in Solo, you will not find anything extraordinary in terms of visuals, though IMAX does take the visual experience up by a couple of notches. The background score is too safe for my liking and especially for a film like this, which essentially is full of con artists, thieves and whatnot. Even the characteristic Star Wars theme is used very less. Costume and production design are top notch as without these incredibly important facets, a film like Solo could never exist.

As for the cast, Emilia Clarke is a delight. She has spectacular screen presence and lights up every frame she is in, wether she is dressed as a outcast or dressed to kill. She breathes life into Qi’ra and maintains just the right balance that keeps you intrigued throughout. The other highlight for me was 

Woody Harrelson who plays Beckett and creates this earnest vibe about himself. He is so good that one might just be unconvinced about the climax (you will have to see the film to understand this one, NO SPOILERS). Donald Glover as Lando is charming, Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos sparks menace but does not get too much to do. I would have loved to see more of Rio Durant voiced by Jon Favreau but he gets killed off way too soon. Star Wars as a franchise has had a habit of creating great Robot characters, they are the pioneers actually. From C3PO and R2D2 to BB8 (Star Wars Force Awakens, Last Jedi) and K-2SO (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) more recently. Solo is no different and this films introduces the most intriguing Robot character called L3-37. She is so refreshing as the rebellious robot who has a mind of her own and wants equal rights for machines. Unfortunately, the character that needed to stand out the most in this extremely talented cast does not. Alden Ehrenreich plays Solo and does a reasonable job but it is the writing that lets him down. There isn’t any firepower written into the character, and we are talking about the legendary Han Solo. This film could have been spectacular had this been done well.  ...