Raazi Movie Review – Meghna Gulzar outshines everyone in this spy thriller


It was heartening to see a full house for a film like Raazi. It has a female lead. There is no other big name from mainstream Bollywood. No Badshaah, Honey Singh or Guru Randhawa, so no remixes or dance nos. to push the marketing of the film. I feel a good opening is just the beginning. This film will grow with good word-of-mouth since ieven with some drawbacks, overall the film works. ... 

Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman 2

Here we are, exactly 10 years after Spider-Man 2, witnessing The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For me, Spider-Man 2 was really the highest point for superhero films till Nolan came along and showed a different side to this genre with The Batman trilogy. So it is safe to say that the highest point was way out of reach for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, even in it’s second try. ... 

Man of Steel Movie Review: Man of Steel Is Very Brittle


The most awaited film this summer is finally here and what an anti-climax it has turned out to be. I am rather mad because I have actually traveled 800 Kms and spent 3000 bucks to watch this film in English in a quality 3D theatre. It reminds me so much of The Amazing Spiderman which had so much promise and turned out to be a huge let down. Man Of Steel also falls in the same category. It is a super disappointment because of the no. of years we have been waiting for someone to do justice to this incredible superhero. We all had hoped that this wait was over with  Man of Steel as names like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder were behind it. Not to be.

Gangs of Wasseypur Movie Review – Brilliance Redefined & Cult Allover


I had spent the past few weeks reading all the rave reviews GOW was getting from Cannes and Sydney. It was selected for the Directors Fortnight at Cannes and got a standing ovation at the Sydney Film Festival. It finally released in India today and the hype surrounding the film is so much that this should turn out to be the biggest commercial success of Anurag Kashyap's career. Let me just congratulate the makers of the film for some excellent promotions especially the team behind the PR of the film. They went all out and made sure that there was Wasseypur everywhere. It is commendable because some people didn't even know that the Shahid Priyanka starrer Teri Meri Kahani was also releasing on the same day. GOW out did Teri Meri Kahani without the presence of any stars whatsoever. Hats Off. ...