Sharp Objects Miniseries Review

sharp objects poster

Sharp Objects is a psychological thriller, based on a novel with the same name, written by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl). Much like Gone Girl, there are obvious and beautiful psychological elements at play. Amy Adams plays Camille Preaker, a crime reporter who is sent to her hometown to investigate the murder of a young girl. As Camille comes back, the demons of her past resurface and take her to places she never wanted to go back to. ... 

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain marvel carol dancers
Directed By: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
Cast: Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law, Clark Greg

MCU is now in its final-final leg. This is it, the home stretch, 'the end game', and Captain Marvel serves as an important thread to round it all. Marvel Cinematic Universe, now in its 21st film has done it all. There have been multiple origin-stories & follow-ups, a pseudo-Avenger film, and 3 Avenger films. The MCU is now the biggest movie franchise of all time (Box-office collections of over $17Bn) and will serve as a benchmark for not just creating an entertainment juggernaut, but also being able to see many years into the future.  However, with every new film, the expectations inch up, the stakes rise, and detractors multiply. And as with everything in life, the law of averages is bound to come into force, sooner or later. Unfortunate as it may be, Captain Marvel will fall into the lower end of MCU film spectrum, with the likes of Iron Man 3, GoG Vol 2 and Thor: The Dark World. But I will get there in a bit, first some background. ... 

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Ralph breaks the internet

6 years after "I'm gonna wreck it" became somewhat of a cult phrase, the big man is back with his adorable little friend. Ralph and Vanellope have been friends for six years and Ralph could not be happier. They work in their respective games all day long and when the arcade closes, they hang around through the night, jumping from one game to another.  ... 

DuckTales Season 1 Review


Back in 1990, there was no cable TV and hence no Cartoon Network. I did not have the luxury of 24-hours of Centurions or Swat Kats. All I had was Sunday. It was the day, more like the hour of cartoons on Doordarshan and like all other kids, I waited for it through the week. This was 1 hour of pure adventure. Death-defying, high-octane, action of Ducktales and Talespin. I loved watching it and would not miss it for anything. As Cartoon Network started, the sunset on Ducktales and Talespin. ...