Forty Rules of Love – Book Review

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I don’t usually read books around spiritual themes but this one came highly recommended by and I am glad I followed their recommendation and picked it up. The book centers around Sufism and draws a parallel between the life of a regular homemaker, and the journey of Shams & Rumi (13th-century poet). It is full of mysticism and pushes you towards deep introspection at various junctures. The writing is deep and if I am being very honest, some of it I just could not relate to. The book also talks about the fact that to become a Sufi, you need to understand the perspectives of everyone, big and small. Hence, the narrative is written from the point of view of different characters including a beggar, a drunk, and a harlot. Every time I left the book after reading a portion, I started liking it more by pondering over what I had just read. I strongly feel that this book can be read multiple times and each time it may offer something different, perhaps something more.

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