Ghoul Official Trailer (Netflix)

Ghoul netflix radhika apte

It may seem like I am biased towards one particular streaming service but that is not true. I can't help it when so much exciting content is being dished out by just one. Ghoul is the latest addition to Netflix and they seem to be hitting it out of the park, one after another. 

Ghoul is a horror series by Netflix featuring the poster girl of upscale Indian web series, Radhika Apte. I am still not over her performance in Lust Stories, where she was beyond brilliant. Here again, she looks to be in command and this could just be another fabulous performance by the gifted actress. Ghoul also features Manav Kaul who has given memorable performances in films like Tumhari Sulu, Wazir, and Kai Po Che. His presence definitely adds more muscle to the show. 

The show's premise is focused around a new military interrogator (Radhika Apte) who arrives at a covert detention facility only to learn a disturbing truth about some of the inmates. Ghoul premieres on 24th August on Netflix.  

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