Goliath Season 2 Review

Goliath season 2 BIlly Bob Thronton

Goliath, now in its sophomore season, continues the story Billy McBride, played by the exceptional Billy Bob Thornton. In season 1, Billy was shown as a big shot lawyer who was ousted from his own firm 'Cooperman McBride' many years ago. Now, he is a drunk, and living in a motel. The entire season 1 (8 episodes) had him taking on a corporate wrongdoing case against the firm he founded.  It was a true David vs Goliath story. Billy Bob Thornton gave an award-winning (Best Actor, Golden Globes 2017) performance and made for total binge-worthy viewing.


Season 2 takes Billy into a more complicated territory. This time there is a double-murder at the centre, surrounded by politics, drug cartels and big league corporates. Billy is compelled to take up the case of 16-year-old Julio, who has been accused of the double murder. The entire 'Team McBride' is back, right from Nina Arianda who plays the delightful and snappy Patty, Julie Brister who plays Marva and even Tania Raymonde, who does a fabulous job playing Brittany Gold. McBride's daughter  A new and interesting character that comes up this season is Marisol Silva played by the vivacious Ana De La Reguera. She is running for Mayor and comes across as the perfect candidate. She is excellent and holds her own as a pivotal character.

My favourite among the good guys this year has to be Patty. She carries so much charm on screen. And just when you think you have her sorted, she snaps at the next person, totally shattering the mould you had put her in.

Billy Bob Thornton is a fantastic actor and his command over his craft is up for us to see this year as well. However, this year he has been overshadowed by the baddies.

Baddies department gets a complete makeover. There is no Cooperman and none of his minions. I was initially sad (episode 1) by this because it would have been nice to see another round between Cooperman and McBride. However, creators of Goliath have made one thing clear during season 2. They are not interested in telling the same story again and there are multiple instances where things just take an unexpected turn this season. The fight this time around is way better than season 1, and the Goliath this time around is way bigger.

The creators had to outdo Cooperman and create a Goliath which is more fierce, unrelenting and maybe even more twisted. Well, they have hit a home run. Mark Duplass as the creepy, twisted, sweatpants-wearing real estate tycoon, Tom Wyatt is absolutely magnificent. He is such a treat to watch, even though he will freak most people out with his strange fetish. His outbursts make for compelling viewing, a scene where he beats a fellow with a squash racket is unforgettable. Adding to the list of baddies this season is another twisted character, who is also egotistical and sick. Gabriel Ortega, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, is the head of a drug cartel. In one scene, he talks about how he wanted to be a surgeon and not join the family drug business. While he is talking, he is washing his hands and putting on surgeon robes. He follows this up with chopping off a girls leg. Why? Well, she did not do what he said! Like I said, twisted and sick. 

Bottom Line

Storytelling is superlative right across the 8 episodes and at no point did I feel bored or disconnected. The creators have done a good job of staying on point and I pretty much binge-watched the entire season. If I compare this season to season 1, I'd say this season is much more intense and shocking. There were certain moments in season 1 too that certainly shocked me. I can never forget the sudden mow-over of a character by a speeding van. I thought it impossible, but this season betters that.

The climax is unexpected and such a fresh take on David vs Goliath. I was extremely satisfied with the end and felt it was just perfect.

Goliath is a fantastic show which has got drowned under a plethora of more commercial offerings. Honestly, Amazon should do a better job of promoting Goliath, since it is an Amazon Original after all . I have seen and liked season 1 but even then I did not get any notification or recommendation to watch season 2 when it came out. I found that really strange. Anyway, I am doing my bit to promote some awesome content and putting this under 'Hidden Gems'. It is truly a gem of a show and I hope it does not stay hidden for long.


Rating - 8.5/10
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