The Social Network Movie Review – Lonely with a Million Friends

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”, Damn right you don’t. This tagline from the posters of The Social Network got my attention straight away and the best part is that it held my attention all throughout the film. Its a really well made film that hits the right spots but make no mistake, its not a film that everyone would appreciate.

The film is about the founding of Facebook and the two lawsuits that its founder Mark Zuckerberg got slammed with on his rise to become the youngest billionaire in the  world. Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg as a supremely genius nerd who has no social skills and Andrew Garfield plays his best friend Eduardo Saverin co-founder of Facebook. Both the actors are in superb form specially Eisenberg who brings out different shades of the character and makes you beg for more. Another central character who appears only in the second half of the film is Sean Parker, the founder of Napster played with a lot of flair by pop star Justin Timberlake.

The dialogues are top notch and so is the screenplay and its because of these that the film works so effectively. The film follows a non-linear narrative between the founding of Facebook and the two lawsuits, all brought out simultaneously in front of the audience. This film is a great example of what great story telling is all about and the credit for that goes to Aaron Sorkin. The dialogues add to the fast paced narrative as they are dished out with the same velocity. All this gives the film a very nail biting kind of feel which needs to be experienced to understand. Some scenes are of epic quality like the “its started raining” scene and especially the “countdown to a million friends”, it will give you the goosebumps.

What touched me most is how the man who connected more than 500 million friends lost the only friend he had and in the end preferred to sit alone in a closed board room with the only friend he was left with, his laptop.

Overall The Social Network, part fact part fiction is a very intelligent film for the intelligent audience but it will not be appreciated by the masses. Its one of the best films of the year so if you are more than an average multiplex viewer, go for it right now.

Rating: 4/5


  1. ironical to c d most unsocial guy making the bigst social networkn site…
    must watch fr all fb users…superbly awesome movie

    1. A very very well written review …. But you forgot about that rowing competition scene of those twins …..
      Everyone jaldi jao movie dekh ke aao

  2. The movie just leaves you begging for more….the way it moves just keeps one so engrossed…the different emotions one feels-the way you hate Mark for cheating his friend and being so stupid…and then realizing that he’s not all that bad…realizing how his mind works…how passionate he is….how he just wants to be accepted but does not want to accept the fact…there is SO much more behind the website we all login to everyday!!!

    Very well written and I agree that it is one of the best movies of the year.

  3. Somehow I loved that scene where the Napster guy meets Mark in the Club.. with the loud yet amazing background music that just seems to engross you into the scene.. loved that one .. so real

    Great review .. as usual .. 🙂

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