Race 3 – This could be a new low for mainstream Indian cinema

If you haven’t seen the hair-brained trailer of Race 3 then consider yourself very lucky. I did and was at a loss of words. The film cast is bigger on account of the big khan, Salman bhai coming along to join the ‘race’ along side ever-so-young Anil Kapoor. Bobby Deol makes a comeback after 4 years with Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, and Saqib Salim on the side. I have never been a fan of the ‘Race’ franchise but going by the trailer, this seems to be a new low. 

The dialogues are laughable, in one scene Daisy Shah says “Our business is our business, none of your business”, wow, BURN! Production quality seems tacky and hurried. The finesse of earlier films is just not visible or maybe Remo has used a extra strong amber colour filter and plastered the entire film with it.

To overcome the shock of what I saw, I had to wash my eyes and watch Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai etc. to believe in Hindi cinema again.

I was just overcoming that shock when a new song ‘Selfish’ was released. Trust me, it is way…way worse than the trailer.

This is as ludicrous as song writing can go because the song goes something like this…

“Aao ji mera hath thaamo ji, Mere sang sang chalo aur wahan baitho na, Aur thoda wahan tasalli se, Apne khayalat ko share karo na, Ik baar baby selfish hoke, Apne liye jiyo na”

If you think reading this is a form of torture, imagine listening to it in the raw voice of Atif Aslam with a ‘Ishq wala love’ kinda vibe. Now comes the big reveal, the amazingly deep and thoughtful lyrics have been penned down by a multi-talented individual, one who is a playback singer, an achor, a aroducer, and an actor, none other than The Bhai…..Salman Khan!

I am not really averse to senseless, fun films like the Golmaal series because I clearly know I will get what I have paid for. But this irritates me a great deal, simply because this is lazy film making where the makers assume the audience has no taste for cinema and will watch any crap dished out by a big Bollywood superstar.

I was very seriously contemplating not writing this post at all because this would just give more publicity and more views to the idiotic trailer and song. But I think as person who loves cinema, my bigger goal is to make people aware of this trash and save them from spending their time and money on the film in the theatres.


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