Thugs of Hindostan Official Trailer


This is the stuff that film lore is made of. Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan together for the first time. It is surprising how this did not happen sooner. Thugs of Hindostan official trailer was just released and it is clearly a mega film for everyone associated with it. ... 

Growing up with Cinema

My journey with films started in 1987 when my parents took me to the theater for the first time . They had purposely bought tickets to the night show because it would be easy to manage with a 3 yr old when he is asleep. As soon as the screen lit up I got up on my seat, eyes wide open in amazement and asked my parents “Itna bada T.V., yeh chalta kahan se hai??” and my parents pointed upwards to the projector room from where a faint glare was coming into the large theater. Sleep was nowhere to be seen in my eyes that night, only the joy of watching something magical. My mom kept trying to force a milk bottle in my mouth and I kept pushing it away with all my might, eyes glued to the giant screen. Maybe if the film had been boring my enthusiasm would have died down, but how could it be, after all it was Mr. India, one of the finest films in Indian Cinema. ... 

Ghajini Movie Review – Revenge was never this sweet

First and foremost let me just break the suspense, Ghajini is a superb film. It’s not perfect,but Aamir very much is. And so the film works not only because of Aamir but coz of various other reasons . So i will leave Aamir for now and talk more about the movie.

Ghajini starts with Aamir killing some random thug and taking his picture from his Polaroid camera which rings every fifteen minutes throughout the movie to remind him to take a pic of anything or anyone important before he forgets it. Police gets on his trail for the murder and one able police officer manages to find him only to be beaten to pulp. But before getting the dose from forgetful Dr. Aamir, he manages to find out one half of Aamir’s tragic past written in a diary.

Tracks change from serious to  comic and romantic. Asin enters and just takes centre stage. She plays a simple yet happy girl who just wants three ambassador cars( no more from me about this). She is sweet, caring and full of life. Obviously Aamir falls for her after some misunderstanding . Anyway just when the love story reaches a peak, the flashback ends and the search for Ghajini starts again. You would prepare yourself self for the action but in your mind you would still be wondering about the flashback and how the story ends and how does Asin’s character Kalpana die? Well will not go deeper into the story coz i want each person to enjoy it like I did. Will jump to some technical details 🙂

The style of narration followed is a new trend in Bollywood where the movie jumps between flashback and present time just like in the movie Rock On but with lesser jumps. Camera work is spectacular specially in the song Guzarish and also in one particular fight scene towards the end where Aamir comes and lifts a person from his neck and the camera is giving the first person view so actually he is lifting the camera. The fights are well choreographed but at times feel repetitive. Still the final fight is just mind blowing and you will feel like a part of the fight.

The music by AR Rahman needless to stay is very good and is already very popular. The best song is ‘Kaise Mujhe’ which is a slow romantic song. The much awaited song ‘Latoo’ with Jiah Khan is a disappointment as it must have gotten cut during editing and rightly so. Still i would have loved to see the hot babe do what she does best, or so i have heard. The background score of the film is also a highlight. It makes the fight and the chase scenes even more thrilling and gripping.

Now coming to the cast, Asin like i said is brilliant. She is here to say and conquer for sure. Ghajini played by a goon often seen in Hindi films(sorry don’t know his name but he played the role of Sultan in Sarfarosh) is just about OK. I feel a bigger name would have been better but then again we don’t have very many villains in the industry now like the old time greats Amrish Puri and Kader Khan. Coming to Aamir. In one line he is Oh My Gawd!!! Be it the sweet romantic part or the grunting ape of a man. He has played both parts with so much perfection its a little hard to believe, just like his 8 packs. He looks very menacing in the scenes where he is angry and you really feel for him through out(even when he is throwing punches at a cop or a goon).

I also want to mention a couple of scenes where Aamir is reminded of what had happened to him and to his girlfriend. Just seeing his reaction in these scenes is paisa vasool. The best part about the movie is that it takes you in. You are in the movie all the time. Whether it is the helplessness his character feels or the urge for revenge, you feel it with him and it grows so much by the climax that you also feel like picking up a steel rod and hitting a baddy or two(I surely did). 

Its an excellent movie one that should be seen for Aamir’s brilliance(and also for six different Aamirs’ in one frame), Asin’s simplicity and the sheer passion for revenge.

P.S. To all the people who think that there is only one king in Bollywood, well Aamir is the Emperor.


The Movie: 3.5/5             

Aamir Khan: 4.5/5