Project Power Movie Review

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Project Power is a new addition to the family of Netflix Original films. Starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and, Dominique Fishback, Project Power is a Sci-Fi action film. It combines the underworld, drugs, and cops with superhuman powers, albeit with a twist.  ... 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

umbrella academy season 2

The superhero genre has exploded with many shows and films coming up in the last few years. So it is a huge challenge for any show/film in this genre to create its own space. Hence, The Umbrella Academy deserves big applause for doing it not once but twice.  ... 

Goodachari Movie Review (2018, Telugu)

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Goodachari means spy (according to Google Translate) and the name fits well. Goodachari is an amazing spy thriller starring Adivi Sesh and Shobita Dhulipala. Now when you read spy thriller, I hope you don't start thinking about the Sunny Deol Preity Zinta Film Hero - The love story of a spy. Goodachari is not that kind of a spy thriller this is more like an ‘actual spy thriller’. That's because, in this film, there is an actual spy, not someone who won a fancy dress competition in school and now believes that it is a profession. ... 

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review – The Panda is Pure Awesomeness

There was very little doubt in my mind after watching the first part of Kung Fu Panda, but all doubts have vanished by Kung Fu Panda 2. I can safely say that Po – The Dragon Warrior, is the second greatest character I have seen on film or TV ever, the first obviously being Homer Simpson. Now that we have established this fact about the character, let’s get down to the film itself. Kung Fu Panda 2 starts off by showing our beloved Po as a hero who has saved the people from bandits, pirates and what not. What’s good is that he still remains his goofy self and that brings out loads of funny moments just like the first film. Jack Black as the voice of Po is just brilliant. It’s as if he was born to do this because not for one second does it feel that I am listening to Jack Black’s voice. The Focus is always on Po. Others in the all star cast return but just like the first part, the likes of Jackie Chan and Seth Rogen don’t have much to do. ... 

Salt Movie Review – Not Namkeen Enough

There has been a lot of talk around the fact that Angelina Jolie is now such a big action star that she is giving the likes of Tom Cruise a run for their money. Nothing proves this fact more than Jolie’s latest release Salt which was earlier offered to Cruise and then taken to Jolie. Angie took it up and the script was re-written for a female protagonist. Unfortunately, the script itself is the villain in this film as it fails to make an impression.

Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy. She starts to run and gets into deeper trouble when she is caught for the assassination of the Russian president. The story pans out in rather unimpressive fashion as the secret about ‘Who is Salt’ unfolds. It just seems like the script was written in a hurry and so is unable to lift the film.

The film does have its moments in its action scenes, particularly the chase sequence on the freeway. Sadly these moments are too few and far between. Even then, Jolie puts in a very impressive performance and definitely has the makings of a great action star. She is ably supported by Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth), who plays Ted Winter, Salts friend at the CIA.

It’s sad that an opportunity like this was made to go waste, but there is still another chance as the makers have already planned for a sequel, which is evident from the way the movie is made to end. As for Jolie, she has the confidence and the attitude to play not a Bond Girl but Bond himself and maybe in years to come we mite just see her doing it.

Rating: 2.5/5