Tenet Official Trailer

Tenet movie posters

Warner Bros. just released the official trailer of Tenet. The action thriller from director Christopher Nolan stars John Washington, Robert Pattinson, and obviously Michael Kane. This time it seems that 'Time' itself has caught Nolan's fancy and he is going to bend it to his will, just like he did with history (Dunkirk), gravity (Interstellar), the subconscious mind (Inception) and memories (Memento).  ... 

Best films of 2010, how many have you missed?

As 2010 comes to an end and people get ready to go crazy celebrating the New Year, I thought I should also bid farewell to a wonderful 2010, the way I know best. So here is the list of my 16 most favourite films of the year 2010, English and Hindi.

Bollywood 2010 – The year was not a spectacular one for bollywood but nevertheless, we still got some gems to balance out the duds like Raavan, Kites and the Tees Maar Khan.