Jagga Jasoos Movie Review

3rd Anniversary

I was watching Jagga Jasoos once again over the weekend and decided to write a post. When I was looking up the details, I realized that the film released on 14th July 2017. So this post becomes all the more appropriate as yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of a beautiful film that got marred by controversy and its gigantic ambitions. Nevertheless, I look at Jagga as a film that almost pulled off the impossible. Creating a true-blue musical adventure film for kids. No one else has even come close.   ... 

Thugs of Hindostan Official Trailer


This is the stuff that film lore is made of. Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan together for the first time. It is surprising how this did not happen sooner. Thugs of Hindostan official trailer was just released and it is clearly a mega film for everyone associated with it. ... 

13 most memorable bike scenes in Hindi Cinema


Hindi cinema has always had a strong relationship with two-wheelers especially motorcycles, but scooters and even mopeds have featured in some memorable sequences over the years. Though I have used the word bikes in the title, the list contains scenes involving bikes, scooters and mopeds. Personally, I have always been a huge fan of motorcycles because, for me, riding one feels like nirvana. I get this weird sense of being in control of my life, turning whichever way I feel like. Bollywood too has used them as much more than mere props, at times to add machismo, other times as an integral part of the personification of character being depicted. ...