Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain marvel carol dancers
Directed By: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck
Cast: Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law, Clark Greg

MCU is now in its final-final leg. This is it, the home stretch, 'the end game', and Captain Marvel serves as an important thread to round it all. Marvel Cinematic Universe, now in its 21st film has done it all. There have been multiple origin-stories & follow-ups, a pseudo-Avenger film, and 3 Avenger films. The MCU is now the biggest movie franchise of all time (Box-office collections of over $17Bn) and will serve as a benchmark for not just creating an entertainment juggernaut, but also being able to see many years into the future.  However, with every new film, the expectations inch up, the stakes rise, and detractors multiply. And as with everything in life, the law of averages is bound to come into force, sooner or later. Unfortunate as it may be, Captain Marvel will fall into the lower end of MCU film spectrum, with the likes of Iron Man 3, GoG Vol 2 and Thor: The Dark World. But I will get there in a bit, first some background. ... 

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse Movie Review


Over the past decade or so, the only thing DC has had an upper hand on (when compared to Marvel) is animated films. I say this because some of the best animation action/superhero films I have seen are all by DC. Batman: Under the red hood, Batman: The Mask of Phantasm, Justice League: Doom, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and above all Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox (my favourite).  ... 

Captain Marvel Official Trailer

captain marvel brie larson

Marvel is back and this one is HUGE! Marvel released the first trailer of Captain Marvel and like always this will surely be an epic ride. Brie Larson dazzles even in the 2 min trailer so I am really excited about seeing what she does in the film. Samuel L Jackson is back as Nick Fury in a younger avatar and with both his eyes intact. The happiest moment of the trailer for me was to see Clark Gregg coming back as Agent Phil Coulson. We also get to see MCU newbie Jude Law who will be playing Mar-Vell. The trailer packs plenty of action but reveals very little. This is the film that will set up Avengers 4 so it a big film for Marvel and their MCU. ... 

Luke Cage Season 2 Review (Netflix)

luke cage 2

2018 seems to be the year of great sophomore seasons. After Goliath, and 13 Reasons Why, comes season 2 of Luke Cage, and lands a massive punch. The season is set-up rather awkwardly because even though there is a recap, it is for season 1. However, those who have followed Marvel shows on Netflix would know that Defenders came after Luke Cage season 1. The storyline in Defenders did cause changes in Luke’s universe, unfortunately, there is no recap of what happened in Defenders. Hence, people who have not seen the show may be surprised to see Misty Knight, missing one of her arms. To know the entire backstory, you will have to watch Defenders and also Iron Fist…actually don’t torture yourself…just watch Defenders.  ... 

Spiderman 2 Title Reveal – Spiderman Far From Home


Spiderman Far From Home 

There has been a lot of speculation around the Spiderman: Homecoming sequel since Avengers: Infinity Wars came out. Finally, we have some dope on the topic. Tom Holland, who has gained a reputation as the Spoiler King posted an Instagram video. Apparently, he just wanted to say hi and tell everyone that there are no big reveals coming up. He talks about how Spiderman is dead and he has no idea what is going to happen. Then just before the end, he gives the audiences a glimpse of his iPad. You can clearly see the screen and the title of the new Spiderman film. Spiderman Far From Home.  ...