Dark (Netflix) Review – Season 1 + Season 2

dark-1 must blig

Dark will soon be releasing its third and final season in a few months, and hence, I thought this is the right time to talk about this amazing show. Dark is a rare show because of many reasons, the first being that it is the first German TV series coming out as a Netflix original. That's an amazing reach for a show that otherwise no one would have even heard of halfway across the globe. Hats off to Netflix for being able to scout for such brilliant shows and having the eye to know their global appeal. Dark is set in a fictional small-town called Winden in Germany and going by the season 1 trailer, it may come across as a murder/kidnapping mystery, falling very much into the Crime genre. But that may not be a correct assessment.   ... 

Delhi Crime (Netflix) Season 1 Review

Netflix Original Delhi Crime
“Tell me something, have you ever seen a local crime being covered by CNN?”
Kumar Vijay - Commissioner of Police

This sums up the gravity of the events at play in Delhi Crime - a new show by Netflix. The show is based on the events of 16th Dec 2012 in Delhi i.e. the gang rape of Nirbhaya in a moving bus by 6 men. Yes, Delhi is known as the Rape Capital and yes the unfortunate truth is that they are not a rare occurrence. This case, however, was different and the show reminds us of the horrifying truths that made it so.  ...