Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Movie Review – The con is on Ricky as Dimple steals the show

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl was supposed  to be the reunion of Ranveer, Anushka and Maneesh Sharma, The Trio behind the very fresh and successful Band Baaja Baraat. Sadly this reunion is not as fresh and I don’t think it will be as successful.

Ranveer plays a con man named Ricky Bahl who is a charmer and only cons ladies. He has conned 30 females in last 15 yrs but his last three victims connect with each other and decide to teach him a lesson. They hire Ishika (Anushka) an ambitious young sales girl to con Ricky and get back their money.

The first problem I had with the film was that Ranveer looked more convincing in his conning personalities than as Ricky Bahl. Delhi’s Fitness Trainer, Mumbai’s art gallery owner and even Iqbal, the Shy Guy from small town Bareilly, all were very sincere . However, right from the second half where  he plays Mr. Beach King to the end where is Ricky Bahl, nothing seems convincing. Anushka Sharma does not help the film either with her over the top act of  a bindass sales girl. I mean what’s with so many expressions in that song about ‘Jazba’. I am clueless as to why she was dancing on that song and why she was so over expressive.

The biggest problem however is a weak script. From start to finish the film is very predictable, which is disaster for any con film. No where does the script hold any element of surprise and plays out exactly how you think it would. Add to this a very average soundtrack and there goes the last hope of a film.

So a very bad film??? Not really, because Dipnnita Sharma, Aditi Sharma and Parineeti Chopra are very endearing in their respective roles and save the film from being a totally thanda affair.

Parineeti Chopra completely steals the show as Dimple Chadha, a typical Dilli ki ladki. She is helped  tremendously by superb dialogues from Habib Faisal. Parineeti is so natural that you will want her in every scene and you would not want to look at Anushka Sharma even in a super hot black bikini (ok, may be just a peek). Parineeti Chopra is the biggest reason to watch this film as she successfully manages to steal the thunder of Ranveer & Anushka from right under their noses.

Think again Mr. Ranveer Singh a.k.a. Ricky Bahl, the way I see it is, you just got your *** kicked by a debutant. ‘LOL’ exactly how Dimple would put it.

Rating: 3 / 5 (One is only for Dimple Chadha)

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  1. The latest addition from the chopra family s surly here to stay..and ranveer also shows promise.

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