Udta Punjab Movie Review

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Udta Punjab is a treat from start to end. Stellar performances from the 4 main leads coupled with a little gem from Satish Kaushik (after a long time). Daljit is a superstar (I am a huge fan so I could be a little biased) with an emphatic screen presence. He owns every shot, even in front of Bollywood biggies like Kareena and Shahid.

Amit Trivedi has made it a habit of producing albums that are not there for 'show and tell' but actually enhance the experience of the film. Udta Punjab is no different as he blends new age sounds with Punjabi folk and creates an absorbing atmosphere. This for me is Abhishek Chaubey's finest work and I knew it was gonna be special as soon as I saw the first scene where a drug pack from across the border pauses in mid-air to introduce the film and immediately cuts to Chitta Ve with Tommy Singh going berserk.

Phew! What a ride. The performances, the music, and numerous moments that stay with you long after you leave the theatre. The finest of the lot, Shahid aka Tommy Singh giving an impromptu but extremely earnest performance in the hospital singing the finest song the year (2016). Frankly, it is not just about the film, the subject is a real cause for concern and a big eye-opener. To think that the response of the govt. to such a serious problem was to ban the film just shows the state of affairs.

Sach mein 'Ik kudi, jida naa mohabbat, ghum hai, ghum hai ghum hai...'

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Had thoroughly relished the movie and as good is your review of it 😊

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