Joker Teaser Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Warner Bros. released the teaser trailer of Joker starring the magnificent Joaquin Phoenix alongside the legendary Robert De Niro. The film is the first of its kind origin story as it is focused on an iconic comic book villain rather than a hero. The trailer looks freaky and early signs are that Joaquin Phoenix is a fantastic choice for this role. Phoenix plays a failed comedian who is ridiculed by society, eventually going insane and turning to a life of crime. The film is set to be inspired by executive producer Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and King of Comedy. Directed by Todd Phillips who was an interesting choice for the film since this will be his first action/drama having largely directed out n out comedies like The Hangover Series, Raod Trip, Starsky and Hutch etc. The film releases on 4th October in India.

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