Table No. 21 Movie Review – Heartfelt Climax Makes It Worthy

“If you have the power to do something bad, does not mean that you should do it”

The year 2013 kicks off at the theaters with Table No 21, totally opposite to how the year ended in December with no brainers like Khiladi 786 & SOS, . Though films like Table No 21 mite not be ideal entertainment for most people (Judging by the business done by 786 & SOS) it is a film that should be seen for the right reasons. The promos of Table No 21 were excellent in maintaining the suspense of the film and even though the film itself does not touch any new heights in the thriller genre, it is surely packs a punch. ... 

Gangs of Wasseypur Movie Review – Brilliance Redefined & Cult Allover


I had spent the past few weeks reading all the rave reviews GOW was getting from Cannes and Sydney. It was selected for the Directors Fortnight at Cannes and got a standing ovation at the Sydney Film Festival. It finally released in India today and the hype surrounding the film is so much that this should turn out to be the biggest commercial success of Anurag Kashyap's career. Let me just congratulate the makers of the film for some excellent promotions especially the team behind the PR of the film. They went all out and made sure that there was Wasseypur everywhere. It is commendable because some people didn't even know that the Shahid Priyanka starrer Teri Meri Kahani was also releasing on the same day. GOW out did Teri Meri Kahani without the presence of any stars whatsoever. Hats Off. ... 

Ishqiya Movie Review – A Cinematic Treat

Out of all the feelings people have in the world, love is definitely the most unpredictable. Ishqiya also follows the path of love rather unpredictably.  It starts off with Vidya lying on the bed humming ‘Ab mujhe koi’ sung beautifully by Rekha Bhardwaj, the camera pans to her face and at that very moment  you know you are watching something special.

Arshad and Nasseruddin play small time crooks who are on the run with a loot and end up taking shelter from Vidya Balan who is the wife of one of their friend. What follows is a tale of love, seduction, suspense and thrill driven beautifully by exceptional performances by the three main leads. Nasseruddin Shah as Khaalujaan is sweet, caring and romantic in contrast to Arshad Warsi who is boyish, flirty and cocky. Vidya is one of the unpredictable elments in the film (the other being the story itself). She is vulnerable and seductive yet over powering. She gives another powerhouse performance after Paa and it is easily her finest work.

Abhishek Chaubey shows lot of skill as first time director handling scenes with utmost care. The scene where Khaalu looks through the window to Vidya singing is beautifully done. The camera captures the eyes and the subtle smile on Khaalu’s face with perfection. Another scene where Chaubey is superb is the kissing scene between Arshad and Vidya. There is love, seduction and tension in the scene and it is depicted beautifully.

The movie bears a clear mark of Chaubey’s mentor Vishal Bhardwaj in style and sensibility. Vishal Bhardwaj leaves a big stamp with his witty and rustic dialogue. Dialogues are the life of this film along with the music again composed by Vishal. The timing of the original compositions and old SD Burman and Hemant Kumar classics is just perfect. Vishal uses the music as a way of expressing the characters and does a top notch job like always.

On the whole, Ishqiya is a great ride which delivers on almost all fronts. Watch it for the fine performances, quirky dialogues or just as a great piece of cinema. Only a “Sulphate” would want to miss this one.

Rating – 4/5