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I am The Filmy Fool. Being completely filmy in everything I do (read 'Growing up with Cinema'), I can recall dialogues from random films at the most appropriate moments. Though I have been told that many of those moments were not so appropriate, and hence the name filmy fool. I am passionate about creative mediums and can spend endless hours with my smart TV and a bag of snacks. At one point of time I was following 27 different shows in a single week. Thankfully, these days I have an app to track all my shows.  Love to read fantasy fiction and am a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Cosmere’. To top it all, I am always on the lookout for my next gadget purchase, and am a extremely reluctant traveller. When I do travel, I look forward to the various gadgets I can try on the trip more than anything else.

Filmy Fool - The Blog

The name describes me and originates from my unrelenting filmyness. It is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on various topics such as TV, sports, films etc. Due to my passion for cinema, I have developed an uncanny ability to relate almost everything in life to films, be it happy, sad, crazy, fun, whatever.  Hence, there is an evident influence of films in a lot of my articles.

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Filmy Fool's Identity
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The ‘thinking monkey’ represents the ‘fool’ who is racking his brain for the next set of thoughts. The ‘Black Tux and Red Bow’ represents the ‘filmyness’ and the ‘long flowing tail’ represents ‘unboxed & free flow of ideas’.