No One Killed Jessica Movie Review – The Echo of a Gun Shot

Oh Boy! What a start to the year. I really hoped that this year starts off on a good note but No One Killed Jessica changed all that because it’s not a good film, it’s a great film. The film is on the murder of Jessica Lall, a subject that everyone knows too well and that’s why it was a challenge to make this film. How do you portray something which has been seen and read so many times in an entertaining manner? Well, just like UTV Spotboy and Raj Kumar Gupta have done.

No One Killed Jessica is a hard hitting film that makes the gunshot echo in your head and the faces of Jessica and Sabrina echo in your heart. I am sure everyone heard the news and abused the judicial system during the Jessica Lall case and how the worth of one life is less than a drink. However what this film successfully does is to show you the pain and suffering of a family and the resolve of a sister apart from stating the facts. I don’t think I can even count the number of times I had Goosebumps watching this film.

Vidya Balan plays Sabrina and she has made it a habit of giving stunning performances year after year. In 2009 there was Pa, in 2010 it was Ishqiya and this year it could just be No One Killed Jessica that gets Vidya Balan the best actress award. Rani Mukherjee too is great as a Journalist and this film will give her the hit that her sinking career needs. She is too good an actress to fade away without a fight.

Apart from the acting, the highlight of the film is its music and background score given by the new wonder boy Amit Trivedi who got a National Award for his debut film Dev D. It complements the moods of the film and gives it a soul, one that the film would feel incomplete without.

Overall, No One Killed Jessica is a brilliant film and could have been even better if it was made less filmi but I guess we can live with that. The attempts to move our conscience as I for one could have gotten up and joined the crowd to go and stand for Jessica at India Gate right away. Hats off to UTV Spotboy for giving us gems like Dev D, Udaan, and now No One Killed Jessica. Watch it now!!!

Stars: 4/5


  1. It’s an awesome film…and once you watch it, you realise that 90% of it is fact…just presented in a fiction format…it enrages you against the system, the power holders, makes you empathize with the family, makes you proud that the aam aadmi stood up for Jessica and generates every emotion that a case like this should. Hats off to UTV Spotboy for getting it right yet again!

  2. Surly sounds like a great movie..added to d must watch list.

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