The Old Guard Movie Review


The Old Guard is the latest film to enter the Netflix Original family and is one of many films/tv shows adapted from graphic novels. The film starts off in an almost poetic fashion. The first frame shows us Andy (Charlize) lying dead with her partners, a flashlight illuminating her blood spattered face. That face has now turned pale as she lies there, cold, and drained of blood, owing to the bullet holes all across her body. The voiceover starts with Andy talking about how every time she dies, she wonders if this will be the last time, or, will she get up again. The scene cuts to broken walls and small lanes. Camera pans to the back of Andy walking across and at the same time, we hear Madalen Duke’s beautiful song ‘Born Alone, Die Alone’ in the background. Another cut and we finally see the title of the film, one word at a time.  ... 

Goodachari Movie Review (2018, Telugu)

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Goodachari means spy (according to Google Translate) and the name fits well. Goodachari is an amazing spy thriller starring Adivi Sesh and Shobita Dhulipala. Now when you read spy thriller, I hope you don't start thinking about the Sunny Deol Preity Zinta Film Hero - The love story of a spy. Goodachari is not that kind of a spy thriller this is more like an ‘actual spy thriller’. That's because, in this film, there is an actual spy, not someone who won a fancy dress competition in school and now believes that it is a profession. ...