Goodachari Movie Review (2018, Telugu)

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Goodachari means spy (according to Google Translate) and the name fits well. Goodachari is an amazing spy thriller starring Adivi Sesh and Shobita Dhulipala. Now when you read spy thriller, I hope you don't start thinking about the Sunny Deol Preity Zinta Film Hero - The love story of a spy. Goodachari is not that kind of a spy thriller this is more like an ‘actual spy thriller’. That's because, in this film, there is an actual spy, not someone who won a fancy dress competition in school and now believes that it is a profession.

Fight sequences are top-notch. Be it hand to hand combat or the gunfights. This is the kind of fight choreography you rarely see in Indian cinema. Everything looks real and the sound design does a fabulous job of enhancing that experience.

The writing too is excellent with enough breadcrumbs thrown in to keep you hooked. You are invested right from the start and at no point will you feel disengaged. In fact, the second half picks up the pace even further and the action also gets dialled up a notch.

The production quality is great and that’s one of the surprising things because the budget of the film was just 6 crores. Whenever we see spy films in India, the production is found lacking, especially on the gadgets and gizmos. Goodachari gets that right too with excellent attention to detail.

Overall, Goodachari is one of the best spy thrillers I have seen coming out from India and it is not at all surprising to know that a sequel is on the cards. Goodachari 2 cannot come soon enough.

Goodachari is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video