Best films of 2010, how many have you missed?

As 2010 comes to an end and people get ready to go crazy celebrating the New Year, I thought I should also bid farewell to a wonderful 2010, the way I know best. So here is the list of my 16 most favourite films of the year 2010, English and Hindi.

Bollywood 2010 – The year was not a spectacular one for bollywood but nevertheless, we still got some gems to balance out the duds like Raavan, Kites and the Tees Maar Khan.

Dabangg Movie Review – The Adventures of Chulbul Pandey

I still don’t think I have a proper review in my mind for Salman’s Dabangg, but I am going ahead and writing it coz I don’t think i will ever be sure of what to call it. First let me clear the air a little. Dabangg, for all its worth, is a damn entertaining film. However, it will be really hard for non Salman fans to actually enjoy the film with its rustic humour and dabanggiri.   ...