Arcane Season 1 Review


I finally got around to watching Arcane this week and boy had I missed something incredible. Arcane is a slick, engaging and action packed tv series that offers relentless entertainment right through the season.

The story moves around two orphaned girls, Vi and Powder, who get separated at a young age. How that happens and how they meet again is one of the key story arcs. But there are other powerful arcs and loads of fascinating characters.

The show boasts of some jaw dropping animation that seamlessly mixes 2D and 3D to bring forth a concoction that is truly marvellous and one of a kind. The styling is steam-punk inspired but it does have strong sci-fi influences as well. These elements together give Arcane a truly unique look and feel.

Action sequences are excellent and are further lifted by the presence of a highly effective background score. The storytelling has just the right pace, with each episode taking you deeper into the world of Arcane. So if you have the time, Arcane would definitely be binge-worthy.

Whether you love the animation or action genres, or you are just looking to experience something totally unique, Arcane should be on your watchlist. It is one of the best things I have seen in a very long time.