Friends Reunion Review


Friends is probably the most special show for me, as it would be for millions of people across the globe. I started watching it when I had just got into college and it was the time when my 'Friends' were my 'Family'. That time came and went, but Friends stayed within all of us. The beauty of the show was its repeat value. You could keep watching it over and over again. It was always funny, it was always warm, it was Friends. We all went through countless ups and downs in life, but the bond we made with these 6 friends was the one constant thing in our lives.

We forgot our worries when we laughed with them, our pain reduced when they cried with us. We prayed for them as much for ourselves and hoped that they get what they truly wanted - a perfect life partner, kids, or just a really good Sandwich. For each of us, it was not a group of 6 friends, but 7. We were all in it together. Yes, we lived different lives, in different places, and yet, when we came back to our space and switched on our PCs or laptops we were united. In another place, at another time, people would look at us and say that the 7 of us were inseparable. I guess we resemble Erika (Brooke Shields) from 'The One After The Superbowl' a little bit. That's because we all feel that the actors are the characters they play and unknowingly, we have made ourselves a part of that life. 

Can anyone blame us for believing in the existence of these fantastic characters? They were written with such precision and these 6 actors took that and dialed it up exponentially. Just imagine, in today's world if you are trying to describe someone, and you say 'She is a Monica', everyone around you understands it immediately. The characters have become adjectives, their likes, dislikes, quirks, and irks are ingrained in our minds. Even their dialogues are part of our daily lingo. Oh. My. God!, We were on a break, Pivot, How you doin?, Seven!. These basically run as a constant stream in our minds. Just today a friend sent me a picture of a pair of shoes and asked if they look unisex, and I replied 'Maybe you need sex, I just had it a few days ago', quoting Joey from 'The One With Joey's Bag'. 

As for the review, if you are one of those who can relate to the above, you have most likely watched the Friends Reunion or will be watching it. A review is meaningless. For others, if you have seen some seasons of Friends and are still waiting for a review of the Friends Reunion to make up your mind, my advice would be to start with the 'Pilot'. Last but not the least, if you are one of those who find Friends overrated or unfunny or whatever else, I ask you, why are you even bothering with a review? There is plenty of content out there, watch something else. 


Friends Reunion is streaming on Zee5. You can watch it here


  1. A well articulated review I have to say. While I was reading it, I could actually relate how I was doing the same thing but never really realised it. Your review made me rethink about all those times I watched friends and how I also lived with them every single time.

    1. Thanks a lot, Neelabh. I am glad to hear you were able to relate to so much while reading the post.

  2. Love your writing style and it reminds me of a quote “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

    As for this review, well it was the last part that made it worth the read for me personally ? ♥️

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂

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