Hunger of the Gods by John Gwynne Book Review


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Talking about the latest book that I just read, called hunger of the god, hunger of the Gods. It's part of the Bloodsworne Saga by John Gwaynne. I read book one last year and it was fairly good. Enough things to keep me going, hence, I thought I'll give book 2 a read.

Curse of the sequel

In films, you have the curse of the sequel. Exceptions are always there, Toby Maguire's Spider-Man 2, you've got the Dark Knight, you've got Terminator 2 Judgment Day. It doesn't really feel as strong when it comes to books. Hunger of the Gods proves that yet again because it completely blew me away. I liked book one, but book two was just something else


Fantastic characters, deeper because book one already established them and book two just took that further. Action sequences were extraordinary. That was the best part about the book. I could feel my blood pumping when the battle scenes were happening.

Narrative & Characters

Each chapter like the first book is from the point of view of one of the characters so that continues in book two as well. Favourite characters - I think this time around it was Elvar. I wasn't expecting a lot of those things from her character so it was very very surprising and really really nice. For a mother trying to get her child back is a very very compelling narrative and most people would likely gravitate towards Orca.

Final Take

Overall I highly recommend this. The Bloodstone Saga is something that you should try. Book one is good, book two is mind-blowing.