A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series Review

good girl trilogy

Read the detailed review of book 1 in the series here - A Good Girl's Guide to Murder


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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Trilogy by Holly Jackson is a young adult mystery / thriller that tells the story of a 17 year old little girl named Pippa Fritz Amobi. She takes up an investigative school project to look into a closed murder case. Adorable annoying know it all and comes across as this awkward Goofy character In a lot of places she reminded me of Dustin from stranger things.

Book 1: A Good Girl's Guide To Murder

Loved book one the most out of all three books in the series. The beauty of this book is, it's rare that everything just worked. At least, for me everything worked. The lead character, I've already spoken of her, the support cast, her family dynamics is beautiful. The plot, I think the layering of the narrative keeps you hooked all the time. The fact that it mixes journal, podcast, investigative journalism is fascinating to read.

Book 2: Good Girl, Bad Blood

As we move into book two, things don't really you know escalate the way you'd like. Pippa is still there but she's not has quirky, she's not as funny. The support characters are there but they just barely support. Narrative isn't really layered to the same extent. Overall book two is not bad it's above average.

Book 3: As Good As Dead

Book 3, now that's where things really really go down the drain. So book three gets into a darker, more sad place. Pippa is not Pippa anymore. The latter half of the book suddenly turns into this, how to get away with murder sequel. That's where my biggest disconnect is here. The last 200 pages are something that you can predict, you can see where the story is going. Nothing surprising left in the latter half of the book.

Final Thoughts

Book one, book two, book three, yeah. I definitely recommend book one it's a must-read because you can read book one in isolation of the others and still love it and enjoy it. Book two as well is a good pick. Book three skip it. And that's a good Girl's Guide to Murder Trilogy by Holly Jackson.