Mad Max Fury Road Prequel Comic Review

mad max comic covers

Mad Max: Fury Road was a fantastic film. I loved everything about it. Mad Max gave us some breathtaking action and the most awe-inspiring chase sequence ever seen on the big screen. Along with all these, the film gave us the phenomenal Charlize Theron as Furiosa. She was a true warrior, fierce, courageous, and loyal to her cause. It is because of all these reasons that Mad Max: Fury Road features in my list of all-time favourites films.

So naturally, when I learnt about the Mad Max prequel comics, I jumped with joy. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived because the comic did not deliver on my expectations. The Mad Mad: Fury Road are a set of 4 comics. They focus on key characters - Nux, Max, Furiosa and Immortan Joe. George Miller, the director of the film has written these with support from Nico Lathouris and Mark Sexton. The cover art has been done by Tommy Lee Edwards with a  host of artists working on the interiors. Covers are undoubtedly incredible, especially the one with Immortan Joe.

The best story of the lot is the story of Max. It only delves into the sequence of events that happened immediately before Fury Road and does not go deep into Max’s entire past. At least it fills in some gaps around who the child was that Max kept seeing and how did Max get captured.

The story of Immortan Joe is decent and it throws light on his rise to power. The entire plot is focused on how he and his people capture the hilltop that has water. It is the same hilltop that is controlled by Immortan Joe in the film. While they are strategising about the battle, there is also a mention of our very own Tanaji Malusare which was the biggest highlight of the story.

Furiosa was the one I was most interested in knowing about, but sadly, her story is the most disappointing. The plot has nothing new to offer as what it focuses on can be easily implied on the basis of the film itself. The story of Nux is also inconsequential.

Mad Max: Fury Road prequel comics are not really pathbreaking. However, If you are a fan of the film and would really like some more tidbits about the insane world created by George Miller, go ahead and have a read.


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