Chandni Chowk to China Movie Review – Blah!

Meow Meow?
Meow Meow?

Damn these paid previews. What they have done is changed the first day first show from Friday morning to Thursday and i suffered yesterday on account of that. I was never a fan of paid previews as i had a certain attachment to Friday. But now that people watch a movie on Thursday itself the novelty factor is gone by Friday. ... 

Movie Review Chicken Run

It’s Poultry in Motion

How many times have we seen a brilliant idea or concept go to waste because it wasn’t executed well? The answer is A LOT!! But In the case of Chicken Run, the latest offering from DreamWorks Studios in collaboration with Ardman Animations there is no such problem. In fact it’s a perfect example of a good concept executed to perfection.  ... 

Movie Review Monsoon Wedding

A Real Wedding

Beautiful is how I would choose to describe this movie even though there are numerous other adjectives that would come to one’s mind (including mine) while watching this film. I say beautiful because it’s a movie about different relationships and it brings out each and every one of those relationships with utmost simplicity.  ...