Project Power Movie Review

Project power poster

Project Power is a new addition to the family of Netflix Original films. Starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and, Dominique Fishback, Project Power is a Sci-Fi action film. It combines the underworld, drugs, and cops with superhuman powers, albeit with a twist.

The trailer makes it clear that there is a new drug in the market that gives you superpowers for 5 minutes. You don't know what power you have until you consume the drug for the first time. Joseph Gordon plays Frank, a New Orleans cop who does not mind consuming the drug to level the playing field. He buys the pill from Robin (Dominique), who is a school going girl and a dealer on the side thanks to supply from her cousin Newt. Things get more interesting when The Major (Jamie Foxx) enters the fray.

The screenplay is simplistic so do not expect any twists and turns on that account. The cinematography is a definite highlight for Project Power with innovative camera angles, the use of colored frames, and slick filming right through. Clocking in at an hour and 53 mins, the length is appropriate even if the pacing isn't. That's because it starts slow and comes into its own after the first 30 mins. That should not be the case for an action flick that has a runtime under 2 hours.

In a plot where everyone could have superpowers, Project Power is careful not to overdo the action sequences. If not, the action would have overpowered the characters as well as the much-too-obvious writing, without any trouble. Action is used in small doses to lift the otherwise clich├ęd narrative and this more or less sees the film through till the big climax showdown.

Among the cast, Dominique as Robin steals the show with her measured and layered performance. To be fair, her character is the only one that is fleshed out well but she takes that makes it her own. Jamie Foxx as Art aka The Major brings in all his swag. In one sequence, when a waitress asks him if he needs anything, he politely says "No thank you, I am fine" and she responds with a cheeky smile, "Yes you are". That is one thing we can all agree on. Joseph Gordon does not get much to do but whatever little he does, he does with his trademark sincerity.

Project Power is a decent action flick that has an extremely interesting premise. Unfortunately, the film is unable to make the most of it as it suffers from run-of-the-mill writing. Fortunately, the film gets saved (to a large extent) by some skillful camerawork and the performances of Dominique Fishback and Jamie Foxx. If you are a fan of the action genre, you can make time for this. There is nothing path-breaking here but it does entertain a fair bit.