Spiderman: No Way Home – Movie Review


Spiderman No Way Home is the closest a Marvel superhero film gets to an Indian masala entertainer. And I say this with utmost respect. Spiderman NWH has trademark humour we expect from Marvel, the right balance of emotion, a sprinkle of romance & drama, and loads n loads of action. These aspects seamlessly blend to give even the casual watchers plenty to enjoy without any disappointment.

For the fans of MCU and Spiderman, NO Way Home is one of the most memorable movie watching experiences. That's because the film offers countless moments to please the stands. If you could hear what was going on in the cinema hall, it would sound like a symphony of emotions. A theatre full of people, clapping, hooting, shouting, gasping, clapping some more, hooting some more, clapping a lot more. All in perfect harmony.

Spiderman No Way Home has everything you expect, and a few things you do not. It is an absolute must-watch and I highly recommend it. IMAX tickets are going to hard to get over the weekend because you would be competing with the repeat watchers as well ?. So get in line, fast!