The Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino – Book Review


By now Higashino has become sort of a no brainer for me to pick up. Not everything an author writes can be mind blowing but with Higashino, there is a minimum level of mystery and thrill guaranteed.

Salvation of a Saint is a murder mystery unlike most others. The story revolves around a Murder where you quickly get to know who may be behind it along with the motive for the crime. What makes you go bonkers (along with the detectives in the book) is how the deed was done.

The book features Detective Galileo aka Manabu Yukawa and is the second book of the series in the English translated versions (4th as per the original Japanese publications). The series is essentially stand alone cases and can be read it any order.

Keigo Higashino once again creates an excellent mystery that keeps you hooked. Like his other books, it was very difficult for me to stop reading this one until I got to the end.

A very good read if you are looking to pick up a good mystery.