What to watch in this time of gloom – Part 1


These are unprecedented times. Social Media, Newspapers, TV, no matter where you look, there is nothing but gloom. People are suffering and there is a lot of angst against the administration. So with all of this, if you are healthy and safe at home, you should thank your stars. However, if you are unfortunate to have come under the shackles of this virus and are confined to your room, it is extremely important to have a positive mindset. I say this because I have been through it, battling a consistent fever that went up to 103.7 degrees among other things.

I also know that it is very difficult to 'Stay Positive' when you are in bad health, especially when you know the situation outside. Hence, I am sharing the recovery watchlist that helped me to laugh and stay in a slightly more happy space. I am sharing these because they can be watched from any point and you can stop and continue whenever you feel like it. So whenever you feel up to it, switch on your device and watch any of them for however long you can. It will help. 

Andaz Apna Apna

Streaming on - Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

andaz apna apna
All The Best

Streaming on - Amazon Prime Video

all the best

Streaming on - Netflix

films to watch when you feel gloomy

Streaming on - Amazon Prime Video

Chup Chup Ke (only the first hour)

Streaming on - Netflix

chup chup ke