Table No. 21 Movie Review – Heartfelt Climax Makes It Worthy

“If you have the power to do something bad, does not mean that you should do it”

The year 2013 kicks off at the theaters with Table No 21, totally opposite to how the year ended in December with no brainers like Khiladi 786 & SOS, . Though films like Table No 21 mite not be ideal entertainment for most people (Judging by the business done by 786 & SOS) it is a film that should be seen for the right reasons. The promos of Table No 21 were excellent in maintaining the suspense of the film and even though the film itself does not touch any new heights in the thriller genre, it is surely packs a punch.

The film is about a couple (Rajeev Khandelwal & Tena Desae) who win a free trip to Fiji in some contest and have a great few days before they are approached by Khan (Paresh Rawal) who is the host of an online game show called Table No 21. What happens after that is something I cannot share without giving away the suspense so people will have to watch it.

The film suffers from a lot of problems like unreal dialogues, some extremely weird and shabby camerawork, a weak screenplay that takes too long for the suspense to build up. The script had the potential to become a big winner but unfortunately the inherent flaws never let it peak except in the end. Even then I recommend this film because it is a welcome in comparison to crap that gets made in the name masala entertainers. The high point of the film is its climax that takes you by surprise and hits you extremely hard. All the actors performed really well which is no surprise from  Rajeev Khandelwal in addition to Paresh Rawal who is just world class.

It can be said that the film is built solely to shock you with the climax but what the ending brings out is a message that needs to be seen, heard, acknowledged and acted upon.

“If you have the power to do something bad, does not mean that you should”

 Rating: 3/5