#Home Movie Review (Malayalam)


Home is a fresh, genuine and heartfelt film that is relatable in every moment. It is the story of a regular family-next-door going through what is called ‘Life’.

The film brings forth multiple subjects and handles each one of them brilliantly. Children moving away, not having time to talk to parents, parents facing issues with technology, the notification addiction, and the myths around psychologists are all shown with utmost care.

What really blew me away was the portrayal of the father ‘Oliver Twist’ by Malayalam cinema veteran, Indrans. His performance is understated, subtle and simply exceptional. He uses the smallest changes in facial expressions to convey the deepest of feelings. Oliver Twist is funny and smart, caring and warm, simple and curious. He is all of these and so much more. It was a privilege to watch such a performance.

Manju Pillai playing the mother (Kuttiyamma) lends great balance. If Oliver is the shield, she is the spear. She calls out everyone at home including her husband on various things. It may seem as if she is busy in her own little world but she sees all and decides not to interfere. This depth in her character was fantastic to watch.

At 2 hrs and 40 mins, it is a longish film in today’s scenario. But here in lies the irony, because the film does talk about our ever decreasing attention spans. Even if that were true, in case of Home, I did not feel my attention going away even once. I was glued to the screen for the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes and loved every minute of it.

A must watch in my book! To be enjoyed with your entire family.