Njan Prakashan (Malayalam) Movie Review

njan 4

Njan Prakashan (transl. I am Prakashan) is hilarious from the word go. Prakashan or P.R. Akash, as he likes to be known, is a superbly written character. He comes across as someone who is lazy, pretentious, a compulsive liar, and highly insecure. Prakashan, I mean P.R. Akash, hopes to land a secure comfortable job abroad. For that, he makes all the efforts to court a simple girl who has landed a job in Germany. How things pan out for Prakashan, oops, P.R. Akash, and where he goes from there, is what the film is all about.

Fahadh Faasil is in top form, and the writing is simple yet effective. Situations are funny throughout the first half and the second half is when the film goes deeper into the transformation of Prakashan (I mean P.R. Akash). I love his relationship with the Tina but the transformation seemed a little hurried. I would have liked to see a more gradual shift. Even the end seemed somewhat rushed. Devika who plays Tina is fabulous and extremely natural. Sreenivasan, who plays Gopalji, is delightful and brings the screen alive with his deadpan expressions.

Though humor is the medium of choice, Njan Prakashan is first and foremost a film about self-discovery. It depicts how society affects our thinking of self and the various restrictions we put on ourselves. The film does a very good job of showcasing the journey within, but in a subtle manner, never becoming melodramatic or over the top. It is only when he goes through this transformation, does P.R Akash realize, that he was Prakashan all along.