Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness Movie Review


A New Era in the MCU

No more Iron Man, no Captain America, and Thanos defeated for good. Marvel and Kevin Feige took almost 10 years to meticulously (and rather miraculously) construct what is today one of the biggest movie franchises- The Marvel Cinematic Universe. The entire story arc (The Infinity Saga), which concluded with Avengers: End Game (actually, the last film in this arc was Spiderman: Far From Home), established many superheroes, none bigger than Iron Man and Captain America. Now, with both of them written off the future storylines, a new era for MCU has begun. ... 

Jersey (2022) Movie Review

Shahid Kapoor shouting at platform in Jersey

After being postponed on numerous occasions (covid, lack of sufficient screens), Jersey (2022), starring Shahid Kapoor, finally hit theatres this Friday. The makers of Jersey (2022) wanted to release the film in theatres and not on OTT as they felt it was best suited for the big screen. I am a little biased on this topic, but I strongly feel that they were right. As much as I love the convenience and choices offered by OTT, I always prefer watching films in the cinema. I am someone who watches films for much more than just entertainment. When I watch a film, I am looking to get lost in the story, to see through the eyes of the director, to fall in love with a character, and to jump at the falling of a random object on screen. At home, doing all this is not impossible but extremely difficult, with phone calls, door bells and what not. In short, Jersey is absolutely worth watching in the theatres. ...