Fleabag Review

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Finally, a show where I can safely declare, 'The finest piece of writing...ever', without any qualms. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, please take a bow, for creating, writing and performing Fleabag. She created the idea of Fleabag due to a challenge by a friend, where she had to create a 10 min sketch for a stand-up storytelling night. Waller-Bridge followed this up by creating a 'one-woman play' and performing it in 2013. Season 1 of Fleabag released in 2016 and the second one streamed in 2019. Even though the show has received massive acclaim and fan following, Phoebe Waller-Bridge as all but confirmed that this is the end for the show. 

Fleabag (also the name of the titular character) is a show about a middle-aged woman who is not very efficient at 'life'. She makes questionable decisions, ALWAYS speaks her mind (she really does). I say always with such effect because she repeatedly breaks the 4th wall and talks to the audience, giving them further dope on what's going on in her fabulous little brain (this show can be a case study into 'breaking the 4th wall'). The writing is really witty (bordering on hilarious on several occasions), with ample doses of 'dark' and 'dry'. This does not mean that Fleabag is an onesided affair, the characters are fairly complex and the writing also has considerable depth, turning heartwarming when you least expect it. 

There are only 6 episodes of around 30 mins each in both the seasons. On the surface, it will seem like 12 episodes are too few for 2 seasons, but when you actually watch the show, you will realize, the quality of writing is incomparable. Hence, creating in quantity would never do justice to such a show. So, just watch Fleabag, and celebrate the brilliance of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Her performance is outstanding in all forms, concept, writing and performing.