Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness Movie Review


A New Era in the MCU

No more Iron Man, no Captain America, and Thanos defeated for good. Marvel and Kevin Feige took almost 10 years to meticulously (and rather miraculously) construct what is today one of the biggest movie franchises- The Marvel Cinematic Universe. The entire story arc (The Infinity Saga), which concluded with Avengers: End Game (actually, the last film in this arc was Spiderman: Far From Home), established many superheroes, none bigger than Iron Man and Captain America. Now, with both of them written off the future storylines, a new era for MCU has begun. ... 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

umbrella academy season 2

The superhero genre has exploded with many shows and films coming up in the last few years. So it is a huge challenge for any show/film in this genre to create its own space. Hence, The Umbrella Academy deserves big applause for doing it not once but twice.  ... 

Incredibles 2 Movie Review

incredibles 2

14 years ago, when Incredibles (2004) was released it was in no way a unique story. Powers were all derivatives of the Marvel universe, some of which had been used many times in multiple films and TV shows. But the film still clicked because the treatment was unique and the animation was flawless. Set in a world where Superheroes are illegal, Incredibles (2004) gave us heroes who lived in hiding. Centred around a family of 5 (including the baby, Jack-Jack), who is moving ever-so-often because of Dad aka Mr Incredible who can't seem to keep his powers hidden for long. Incredibles 2 gives us back the same adorable family but this time there is an added bonus (will come to that in a bit). ... 

Deadpool 2 Movie Review – It has its moments but lacks the balance of the original


I had initially thought that I will write a spoiler free review but after watching the film, I don’t think it is a big task. There is not much substance in Deadpool 2 so treading around key plot points without revealing them is like a walk in the park.  The film starts a little after part 1 finished. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is now a full-on vigilante and has a very successful career killing a lot of very bad guys in worse ways. Then some shit goes down and a random sequence of events occur. This keeps happening until the film ends.

Deadpool is supposed to be fun and does not take itself too seriously. However, the first part had a semblance of a story and a logical flow of events. In Deadpool 2, things just happen, sometimes because it is visually appealing or sometimes even to set up jokes.  The saving grace for the film is that a lot of the jokes are hilarious.

The first part was high on humour, broke the 4th wall a few times and was able to laugh not just at itself but the entire superhero genre. The second outing for Deadpool does not tread slowly in this regard. On the contrary, it ups the ante with a mountain of punchlines and meta references that it gets difficult to catch all of them. The film is full of superstar cameos. One of the funniest sequences is the meta reference to Xforce, which has a cameo from Brad Pitt as ‘Vanisher’. Matt Damon also makes an appearance as one of the red necks. ...